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    edge in this challenging marketplace.
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Welcome to FPS!

FPS is a recognized leader in the testing, refurbishment and repair of LCD's for standalone, laptop, tablet and smartphone displays…but we are also so much more. We have integrated this core technology service into a comprehensive logistics services suite so that we may offer manufacturers, service providers and distributors a one-stop solution for all their reverse logistics challenges. Whether you require more simple logistics support such as in-warranty processing disposition or more complete RMA, in and out of warranty processing back-end distribution or liquidation with full reporting FPS can and will deliver superior service and quality…every time! We can tailor a comprehensive suite of reverse logistics services customized to your unique requirements and business model.

FPS can utilize our integrated and proprietary FATS (FPS Automatic Tracking System) to record all receipts, track their progress through each stage of our WIP and then provide discrete and serialized accounting tracking of each unit, as well any subassembly that is processed separately from the BOM, through shipment back or redeployment back into the marketplace. We can customize a logistics solution that meets or exceeds your needs and offers unparalleled yield, as well as cost recovery for your organization.

Let FPS be your one stop shop to provide you with all the support and services you will ever need to maintain your competitive edge in this challenging marketplace. We will be your loyal partner and always meet or exceed your requirements and expectations as we build a long and mutually beneficial relationship together. We design and implement win/win solutions and services with the customer always in mind because if you don't succeed and thrive, neither do we. Let us become your logistics partner and take advantage of state-of-the-art technology and flexible management so that together we can achieve all the goals and objectives you have for your reverse logistics challenges.

Full Partnership with Schools!

We are proud to announce a new Gov/Ed division of FPS. Our ne division, Full Partnership with Schools, is dedicated to supplying K-12 Schools, Government, Non-Profit and Health Care Facilities with new and Refurbished IT Products.

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